MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 17TH 2017


President Bill Chambers called the meeting to order at 11:17 a.m. at Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, Florida.

Calvin Deere opened with a prayer which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance by our Chapter Members.

ROLL CALL: There were eight rigs present, two excused absences, and three drive ins for the club meeting. New quests were John and Cheryl Boston. Charles and Judy Sweat attended the social hour with the club members.

MINUTES:  Secretary Ryman Lehman read the March 18, 2017 minutes. Judy Steward stated that the escrow amount in the checking account was not included in the minutes. The minutes of the March 18, 2017 are amended to include $360.00 in the escrow account. Nancy Harper made a motion to approve the amendment and approve the March 18, 2017 minutes as amended. Leo Woodard seconded. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Betty Gorski reported the following: Our account balance as of October 2017 was $3766.77. Disbursements of $410.47. There were no deposits. Checking account balance after disbursements were $3356.30, less escrow ($20 X 16 members) $320.00, Less charity escrow $417.50, leaving a balance available for use of $2618.80. Betty reported the April Wagon brought in $835.00. October 50/50 $42.00 ($21.00)


WAGON MASTER: Tom Gorski discussed the December Christmas campout. Presently there are 11 rigs attending. Need to make reservation for December campout as soon as possible if they have not been made. Chambers are host for the December Christmas campout. Tom discussed the May 2018 campout to be held in Cedar Key May (10) 11-13, 2019. Phyllis Hager made a motion that hosts for campouts would have nothing on Thursday, have Friday and Saturday program. No second. Motion failed. It was discussed that hosts would decide what the program was to be and for which nights or days. Bill Chambers reminded club that there was a limit for food of $50.00 for regular campouts and $100.00 for the December Christmas campout.

WEB MASTER: Don Harper stated that the web site was not up to date. Don made motion to drop the web site and was seconded by Nancy Harper. After discussion with members it was voted to keep the Web Site and pay the requested costs. Motion failed.

NEWSLETTERS: There were none.

HISTORIAN: Phyllis Hager reported not getting a flash drive for the camera. Pictures are to be sent to Don Harper and he is to put on the web site each month. Kelly Chambers made motion to bring old photo books to each camp out so members could take the pictures they would like to keep. The older photo books would then be disposed. Betty Gorski second. After discussion the motion was passed.

SUNSHINE LADY: Patty Lancaster that Mike Lancaster had surgery and was recovering well. Morris Durrance arm was out of the cast and was recovering. Morris is still having lung problems. Don Harper is having treatments. Betty Gorski had shoulder surgery and at our November campout had a blood clot and had to be rushed to the hospital. Chet Florence was in the hospital in October.

CORRESPONDENCE: Bill Chambers reminded members to pay dues for next year now. Betty Gorski needs to turn in our membership for next year. Bill Chamber discussed Wagon for April Rally. Need for someone to take the wagon.

OLD OR UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Kelly Chambers discussed catering the December Christmas campout. Kelly researched Winn Dixie and Sonny Bar B Q. Kelly decided to order ham and turkey from Sonny Bar B Q. The members are to bring the side dishes for the Christmas dinner. Kelly discussed having a “White Elephant” gift exchange. The gift would be something that you would throw away. More details are to follow from Kelly.

NEW BUSINESS:  Bill Chambers discussed four $25.00 gift cards to given away at the November 2017 rally. Leo Woodward requested can good and non- perishable items be brought to the December campout. Judy Steward and Nancy Harper are to audit the club records at the December campout. Phyllis Hager discussed Tallahassee Rally in February 2018. So far there are seven rigs going. Bill Chambers discussed our club having a job at the rally.


President – Bill Chambers

Vice President – Linda Woodward

Treasurer – Betty Gorski

Secretary – To be elected at the December campout


Tom Gorski – Oct 11                             Dingman – 50 years this month

Betty Gorski – Oct 3                              Lancaster – Sept 9                                          

Connie Deere – Sept 15                        Woodward – Sept 3

Dan Dingman – Oct 19

Chet Florence – Sept 29

JB Hager – Sept 22

Nancy Harper – Sept 27

Linda Woodward - Sept 2nd

Mike Lancaster – Oct 27

Tom Wark – Oct 11

ADJOURNMENT:  Leo Woodward made motion to adjourn meeting at 12:42 p.m.  Phyllis Hager second.

50/50: $65.00/$32.50 to treasury/50% won by Leo Woodward.